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Our goal is to provide the most up to date equipment that meets or exceeds all standards. To provide professional rigging upon request at any location. Our promise; Providing the safest solution every time!

Rental Fleet

We have a very extensive stock of rental equipment to customize set-ups for every unique project that comes about. Alberta Specialty Services is ready for rentals


We offer an 8 hour Swingstage Operator & Safety Training Certificate program, this will allow all users to be competent with the knowledge they need to operate a swingstage.

Sales & Service

Because of our extensive stock of rental equipment, we are able to sell all components or can obtain any & all equipment you may be looking for.


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We have an extensive inventory of specialty equipment. Such as outrigger beams to achieve projections from 0 up to 20 feet.

Manufactured equipment to span unloadable parapets as well as Engineered documentation for multiple outrigger beam scaffold configurations, when manufactured equipment will not do what is needed.

Industry leading modular platforms in any configurations your site may require. As well as end stirrups and intermediate stirrups to facilitate today’s ever changing building facades. Nobody builds a square box anymore lol.


Alberta Specialty Services has service in our name, this is by design. Our promise to our customers is to deliver or rig the safest most well maintained rental equipment in Canada. We will keep you moving forward because your goals are our goals as well.


At Alberta Specialty Services safety is our foremost ongoing concern, and we take it deadly serious. We are an industry leader in this respect, and have been a COR accredited company in good standing since 2007. We offer an accredited swing stage operators course since 2012 to further promote safety in our industries. Our employees are highly trained and extensively ticketed to give our customers the most bang for their buck safely. Our NCSO is well educated not to mention having 7 years of experience with us prior to adopting his role as our safety officer, which brings a valuable aspect to his duties as safety officer.


At Alberta Specialty Services we have designed or aided in the design of multiple roof top fall arrest systems including davit systems, roof top BMU’s (a permanent building stage). We of course design user friendly temporary swing stage set ups on retrofits and new construction.


Our plan at Alberta Specialty Services is to give you the customer unparalleled safety and service. With the best construction grade rental equipment available today. Delivered or rigged by professional highly trained, motivated and experienced rigging crews that never say good enough.

Customer Experience

At Alberta Specialty Services we value our customers and want you to have a user friendly experience renting from us. Our skilled estimator will meet you on site. Show us where you need to get to and we will do the rest. Need public protection hoarding, we do not provide but will facilitate for you at no cost.

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